February 20, 2015

Beegit – Centralized Content Marketing

Beegit is a cloud-based application that combines the usefulness of project management platforms and web editors. The resulting solution offers tools that content marketers can use to simplify their own collaboration, editing, and approvals workflows, while building their brands and taking their companies to new heights.

Beegit serves as a centralized place for teams to plan, write, edit, and reuse all different types of content. Beginning with the application’s online editor, you can write content and upload images into a secure location that’s accessible from any computer. Communicate about your projects with colleagues, and take advantage of inline commenting features to highlight any revisions that are needed before projects can be marked as complete. Beegit autosaves content as you work, and immediately notifies your colleagues when they’ve been mentioned with an @-sign on any project.

In addition to its powerful writing and editing tools, Beegit also offers a suite of collaboration features that keep team members on the same page throughout the content creation and approvals process. Through the production process, teams are able to generate agile content that can be reproduced and displayed on multiple channels with ease.

Practical Uses:

  • Write and edit group content from any computer
  • Manage approvals for online content
  • Ask colleagues questions about the article you’re writing
  • Keep track of all the changes that have been made to a document

Insider Tips:

  • Include an @-sign to get the attention of a specific person on your team
  • Manage collaborations by assigning user roles to colleagues
  • Beegit uses Markdown formatting
  • Create a “version note” that shows up in the version history for each project

What we liked:

  • Beegit can be used by virtually any team that works on writing projects
  • Dashboards are color-coded to indicate project priorities
  • Beegit auto-saves work at regular intervals
  • Users can decide whether individual projects should be made public or private

What we didn’t like:

  • Groups are automatically charged once their free trials are over


  • None

Company Info:

  • Launched: December 2014
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Founded by: Mike Cottrill, JD Eaton, and Kris Ciccarello
  • Web site:


  • Individual plan is free
  • Startup plan is $12 per month
  • Team plan is $29 per month
  • Business plan is $49 per month


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