August 8, 2013

Jojari – Get Matched With the Perfect Job

If finding the right job is like finding the right mate — in both cases, you need personal compatibility and similar goals — then Jojari can be considered the of career websites. The employee recruitment platform analyzes the resumes uploaded by users and uses a special algorithm to match those resumes with available positions.

Upload a resume to Jojari, and then relax with a cold drink while the web-based platform analyzes your skills, experience, and educational background. Jojari will run your resume against millions of available jobs listed on job boards and websites run by individual job providers, and then provide you with a list of opportunities that match your qualifications. All positions are mapped, making it easy for you to search for jobs close to home. Of course, finding a job is a two way street. Just because you fit the description of what an employer is looking for, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re interested in that position. Teach Jojari what you are and aren’t looking for in a career, and the web-application will take those factors into account the next time it runs a search on your behalf. The more you use Jojari, the better the application gets at finding positions that you’d be interested in.

Employers can use Jojari for cloud-based applicant tracking and sourcing. Hiring managers can publish internal roles across multiple social networks and job boards, and then analyze applicant quality and source data from within the web-based platform. They can also rely on Jojari’s artificial intelligence tools to filter out resumes from unqualified applicants before they ever reach their inboxes.

Practical Uses:

  • Find a new job in your industry
  • Search for available positions in a specific city
  • Save time when hiring new employees
  • Publish open positions on job boards and social networks

Insider Tips:

  • Resumes can be uploaded in .doc, .docx, .pdf, .txt, .html or .xml format
  • Create alerts to find out when new jobs have been posted
  • Refine the results you see by clicking the “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” buttons
  • Specify only the country you want to work in to expand your zone of potential employers

What we liked:

  • The content of a user’s CV determines the results that person will see
  • Jojari collects job data from hundreds of digital sources
  • The more a job seeker uses the platform, the better the results become
  • Jojari uses artificial intelligence tools to help employers sort job applicants

What we didn’t like:

  • Employers can’t customize job and company page templates, however that functionality may be coming in the future


Company Info:


  • Free for job seekers

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